Ingredeients: 8 enzymes in one product include:

Xylanase : 2.400 XLY units/g              Invertase: 1.400 INV units/g

Glucanase: 300 GLU units/g               Amylase: 24.000 FAA units/g 

Mannanase: 120 MAN units/g             Protease: 2.400 HUT units/g

Cellulase: 1000 CMC units/g               Phytase: 2.000 FYT units/g

Character of product: Power, insoluble in water

Applications: Supports the digestion of fiber, crude, starch, protein, phytate (or phytic acid) in animal feed.

Uses: Mix into complete Feed 

Dosage: - Pig: 250-500 g/ton mixed feed

                  - Chicken, Aquatic animal: 250-300 g/ton of mixed food

Packing Specification: 25 kg/bag         

Presevers: Cool < 25 °C

Manufacture: Canadian Bio-Systems (Canada)